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EZ: 01/2011, 220 kW (299 PS)

New Setra 515 HD for Clubhotel Haus am Stein

Daaden 14.12.2015

On Monday, 25.06.2015 Clubhotel Haus am Stein received their new Setra 515 HD at the Setra Customer Center in Neu-Ulm.

Ever since the ComfortClass was introduced, it has been driving on the topic of security right in the front. For the current generation this applies more than ever before - quite literally. Because many security features, which the legislator expects from a bus in the future are for the ComfortClass 500 already now of course. As a result offers a security concept which, in its combination of active and passive systems is unique.

We wish Clubhotel Haus am Stein every success with their new coach from the new Setra ComfortClass 500.

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